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Seguin Elementary $1,000 Gift Donation

Third grade students at Seguin Elementary in McAllen came together to raise funds to purchase trees to enrich the forest at Quinta Mazatlan.

2013-05-10 Seguin Elementary 3Under the council of Coach Rangel, approximately 15 students lead the project of selling hand-crafted pens for their “giving tree” fundraiser. The students held an assembly and presented a big $1,000 check to Quinta Mazatlan’s Manager, Colleen Hook. Student Ali Mora opened the presentation with excerpts as follows

“Last month my class went on a field trip to Quinta Mazatlan and we fell in love with the beautiful habitat. Then our guide told us that they were still expanding the park. We decided to donate money that same day. The next day we put our ideas into action. But first we needed to run it threw Mr. Gonzalez. The principal liked our plan and let us start that Monday. We passed our goal of $500 and started a new one for $1,000.”

2013-05-10 Seguin Elementary

Principal Gerardo Gonzalez said the students are very proud of their contribution to enrich the habitat for people and wildlife. He said they are enthusiastically looking forward to returning to Quinta Mazatlan to plant the trees.

2013-05-10 Seguin Elementary 2