Bird Walk January 1st, 2014

Bird report photographed and written by Interpretive Guide John Brush

Rufous Hummingbird QM 1-25-2013


It was a crisp and clear morning at Quinta Mazatlan – temperatures in the mid 40s but with the sun shining brightly. The minute we stepped out the doors we had a nice variety of birds. We barely went 50 yards in 20 minutes because we were seeing so much! A Rufous Hummingbird perched above our heads towards the end of the extravaganza, giving us a “rear view”. You can check out the full list of birds here.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker QM 1-25-2013

This Yellow-bellied Sapsucker flew into a Wild Olive tree behind the cottage and gave us some nice views of its red chin. You can see some of the sap wells the bird has dug on the tree trunk. It will come back and eat both the sap and the insects attracted to the sap.

White-eyed Vireo (1)

It took us a few minutes of searching, but we finally got some brief looks at one of the ever elusive White-eyed Vireos in the park (archive shot). We could hear it singing, could see movement, but seeing these thornforest denizens out in the open is not the easiest! You can listen to the song here.

Curve-billed Thrasher 1-18-2014

We got great looks at this Curve-billed Thrasher in the front garden. It hopped up onto one of our lamp posts and looked like it was enjoying the sunshine (just like we were!). Have a good weekend, and hope to see y’all out on a bird walk!

Bird walks are offered Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8:30 am.


Bird Walk December 3rd, 2013

This is a weekly bird report written and photographed by our Interpretive Guide John Brush

Bird Walk 12-3-2013 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker John Brush
Hello all,
Another fun morning birding at Quinta Mazatlan. We were joined by folks from Dallas, the northwest, and our fine locals, Marcia and Jane.
We started off by seeing a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in its usual Mesquite tree outside front desk area. Note the white bar in the wing, the single black line through the eye, and the red cap. This younger male bird has been hanging around the park for over a month.

Bird Walk 12-3-2013 Carolina Wren John Brush
We got a life bird Carolina Wren for one of our visitors this morning, and it obliged with some of the best looks you could get! These wrens are loud, musical singers, but are often hidden away in dense foliage.

Bird Walk 12-3-2013 Birders and School Group
This is a great example of the multifarious uses of Quinta Mazatlan. Some of the bird walk group is looking at an Eastern Screech-Owl while one of the many school groups we host is walking up Bougainvillea Lane. We love being able to share our beautiful property with visitors of all ages!

Bird Walk 12-3-2013 American Robin John Brush
American Robin is an irregular, somewhat irruptive visitor in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Last year, finding a robin was quite a difficult venture, but this year birders are finding American Robins sporadically across the area.

Have a great week!