Summer Sleuth: Bolts and Locks!

B & L 4

Antique French Slide Bolt Door Latch

Peace of mind is a matter of choice. In the late 1930’s, when Quinta Mazatlan was built on the out skirts of the McAllen city limits, security was of the upmost importance. It has been reported that Jason and Marcia Matthews secured the estate with crude items. Tripwires, empty cans and bells were placed around the thorn forest of Quinta Mazatlán to notify the Matthews if an intruder had entered the estate. The home itself was a fortress to be reckoned with. The mansion originally had 5 entrance doors, one front door and the other four lead out to the courtyard. Each door had a sliding bolt to secure the door closed. The

B & L 2

Antique Shutter Slide Bolt

bedroom doors had the same securing system with an added safeguard. The added safeguard was a prison iron gate. The nightly routine was to close and bolt the doors leading out of the home and close the iron gates behind them. There was an iron gate within the master bedroom also. The Matthews would close and bolt the master bedroom door and close an iron gate behind it to secure themselves within the master bedroom. The Matthews safeguarded their home with rudimentary items to gain a sense of security.

B & L 5

Antique French Slide Bolt Door Latch

If you can’t find the key to success, pick the lock. Visit Quinta Mazatlan and observe this Spanish Colonial Revival homes bolts and locks. Capture a picture of any of the “Quinta Bolts and Locks”. Post it on any of our Social Media and tag Quinta Mazatlán. Most creative photos will be highlighted by Quinta Mazatlán Facebook and Instagram! Get to sleuthing….

Stop by and witness how this Spanish Colonial Revival home fits into our environment. With plenty of alfresco gathering spaces Quinta Mazatlan expresses a sense of relaxation and fosters a connection to nature and the surrounding environment.

Want to hear tales about the families that built and lived at Quinta Mazatlán for a total of 60 years before the City of McAllen purchased the estate and opened it in 2006 as a mansion with a mission? Call to schedule a private one-of-a-kind History Tour and discover how this massive structure was built from adobe and the secrets to its longevity.

B & L 1

Antique door with antique lock at Quinta Mazatlan

B & L 3

Antique French Slide Bolt Door Latch


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