TBT: Comfort Zone


Sample bottles of Quinta Mazatlan 1970 Grand Classe, French Beaujolais Red, 1979 Partridge Eye, Pinot Chardoney Schultz Estate.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein – is a quote that the Quinta Mazatlan families lived by. A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows or gets accomplished there. The many successes that the families of Quinta Mazatlan accomplished were because they got out of their comfort zone.

Marilyn Schultz had her prosperous business of creating commemorative plates, while Frank had his thriving and well established citrus company, but he strived for more. On


Cases of the wine grapes are inspected for quality.

the citrus off season Frank would enlisted the help of friends and family to assist him with his venture vinification (winemaking). Frank who was an aspiring chemist was the oenologist/vintner. Max Burkhart of Val Con construction, did the assembly of a wine cellars used at the packing shed. Ike Griffin who owned a packing shed would get truckloads of wine grapes from a California connection. Family members would assist by washing, filling and labeling the wine bottles. Schultz Estates wine created Quinta Mazatlán 1970 Grand Classe French Beaujolais Red, 1972 Zinfandel Schultz Estates and 1979 Partridge Eye Pinot Chardoney Schultz Estates.

Get out of your comfort zone and try something new in your life. Venture out to Quinta Mazatlan for a mile long nature/sculpture walk. Stroll through the largest adobe structure in South Texas. Volunteer on Wednesdays or Saturdays, anything from office work to garden work is always needed. Attend our Thursday Family Nights or bring your kids out to Saturday Discovery Days.

Want to hear tales about the families that built and lived at Quinta Mazatlán for a total of 60 years before the City of McAllen purchased the estate and opened it in 2006 as a mansion with a mission? Call to schedule a private one-of-a-kind History Tour and discover how this massive structure was built from adobe and the secrets to its longevity.

Call us at 956-681-3370 for more information.


Wine grapes are washed, de-stemmed and the liquid grape juice is now called Must. The Must is allowed to ferment in 55 gallon metal drums lined with thick plastic bags.


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