TBT: Marcia Crary Jamieson Matthews

Marcia Matthews Obit2

Marcia Crary Jamieson Matthews obituary picture.

May 22nd marked the passing of Mrs. Marcia Crary Jamieson Matthews at the age of 72. Marcia was born November 26, 1892, in Warren, PA into an affluent family. Her prosperous upbringing allowed her to be part of the “social scene” at the time and travel extensively around the world. She attended Smith College of Liberal Arts for women in Northampton, MA. Often described as a woman before her time, adventurer, writer, editor, broadcaster and pro-American.

Marcia was the editor of The American Mercury of which her husband was publisher, and was doing regular radio broadcasts on anti-Communist subjects on the Life-Line programs from Shreveport, LA. She was also a director of the Guardians of American Heritage and president of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom. She received the Liberty Award from the Congress of Freedoms several times and was recipient of many other similar awards from all over the nation.

On a more personal note, Mrs. Matthews a collector of curios and relics, proudly displayed them throughout the mansion. She breathed and fought for America. While others lowered their standards to make accommodations, she raised hers to empower others.

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Marcia Matthews 1891-1963

Mrs. Matthews socialite picture circa 1920s.


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