TBT: Mothers of Quinta Mazatlan

“Mother knows best” is an expression referring to maternal instinct and wisdom. A phrase often used by a mother after giving advice to her child, or after her prediction has come true. Quinta Mazatlan mansion has been home to women who strived to educate the public of what they felt was best for the community.

Marcia Matthews 1891-1963

Marcia Crary Jamieson

Marcia Crary Jamieson Matthews was the first Mother of Quinta Mazatlan. She attended Smith College and had an array of hobbies. A few of her interests were interest in the celestial bodies, fondness for animals, writing and expressive orator. Along with Jason Matthews, she owned, edited, published and broadcasted the “American Mercury Magazine”. Being an excellent writer and orator, she expressed her pro-American and anti-communist views through her magazine, appearances and broadcast. ‘We shall smash them with our Clenched First’ was the philosophy Marica professed in her writings and dialogues.


Marilyn Photo(1)

Marilyn Schultz

Marilyn Schultz enjoyed a wide variety of professions and hobbies, and she excelled at all of them. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Music from Pan American University – Edinburg, Marilyn used her creative side to become a photographer, professional musician and a scuba diver. Marilyn’s passion for the fine arts was used in establishing the McAllen Museum and bringing various fine art programs to the Rio Grande Valley such as the Bolshoi Ballet, opera singers and symphony orchestras. Being the owner of Gallery Limited Editions, the maker of commemorative plates, she used her marketing talents to write a book, “Mail Order on the Kitchen Table”, educating induvial how to start and manage their own businesses.

Quinta Mazatlan is a mansion with a mission inspiring families to enjoy nature in their own backyards…and around the world. Explore our birding trails, 10,000 square foot historic adobe home, art gallery, nature exhibits and gift store! Quinta Mazatlan has something for everyone from leisurely walks through the woods and historic home to programs for all ages.

Want to hear tales about the families that built and lived at Quinta Mazatlán for a total of 60 years before the City of McAllen purchased the estate and opened it in 2006 as a mansion with a mission? Call to schedule a private one-of-a-kind History Tour and discover how this massive structure was built from adobe and the secrets to its longevity.


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