Bird Walk Saturday 1/18/2014

Written and photographed by Interpretive Guide John Brush

Hello all, it was yet another wonderful day to be outside and enjoying nature. A nice group of visitors joined me for our 8:30 bird walk, and we enjoyed an hours walk around the trails. We briefly ran into a local birder, Mary Beth, who had a few birds we missed on the morning (like flyover Greater White-fronted Goose), and we finished with a decent 26 species. You can view the full list here.

Golden-fronted Woodpecker 1-18-2014

We saw quite a few Golden-fronted Woodpeckers out in the park, and they all really shone in the morning light. In this shot you can really see the supportive action of the stiff tail feathers!

Red-tailed Hawk (michael miller cam)

A Red-tailed Hawk (archive shot) has been foraging in and around the park for the past few weeks. This species would be an excellent example of a typical hawk in the genus Buteo, which has many members in North America. Red-tailed Hawks have an incredible array of plumages (check out this rufous morph here) and so can be a source of confusion for beginning birders.

Clay-colored Thrush QM 1-18-2014

Our Bird of the Day was the Clay-colored Thrush. We saw a small flock of them foraging for fallen fruits out in the open, then this one perched right above our heads in a mesquite tree. You can really see the red eye!

Bird walks are offered Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8:30 am – free with price of admission ($3 adults/$2 seniors and children)


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